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Vintage Jewellery!

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As promised, here is my Post on Vintage 20th Century Jewellery! I just love this book for all of it's information, photographs, and style. I hope you like it too! Let me know what you think!

1890-1910: Divinely Decadent

La Belle Otero: Spanish Dancer & Courtrsan in Jewels
from her lovers.

1898 Poster: Art Nouveau

1890 Seed pearl parure by Tiffany. Gorgeously feminine.

THE FEMME FATALE: Art Nouveau Brooch Circa 1900,
with Diamonds.
1910-1919: The Edwardian Era

The Rococo Revival Style: Announced Wealth and Social Status.

Edwardian Hat Pins.
Divine Hair Comb set with pearls in the shape of misletoe.
The characteristic shape of Misletoe was said to bestowe life
and fertility.

The Garland Necklace emphasising the neck with an upswept hairstyle.

1920's: Streamlined and Chic

Characteristic LONG BEADS of the 1920's.

Illustration from Le Gazette du Bon Ton fashion magazine by Georges Barber.

African ivory bangles and a HUGE "barbaric" wooden necklace.
Heiress, poet, and political activist Nancy Cunard.

Triple strand of pearls and a large turquoise pin - Circa 1928.

Silent-screen star Olga Baclanova wearing bangles and cuff bracelets
a popular jewellery item of the 1920's.

Perfect accompaniment to the Flapper Dress: Sparkling Glass, crystal
and silver necklace.

1930's Style: Hollywood Glamour

Moderne Collars: Big, Bold and Glamourous!

Pearls, pearls and MORE pearls: Actress Kay Francis, 1935.

1930's Short Pearls Superseeded the Long Pearls of the 1920's
Circa 1934 by Richelieu

Emergence of the "REAL GEMS" came after the depression.
Comete Diamond Necklace by Chanel - tail of 649 diamonds!

Chanel Diamond Bow Necklace Commissioned by the
Diamond Merchants of the Era.

Circa 1939 - The Million Dollar "JONKER DIAMOND" weighing
726 Carats! The Fourth Largest Diamond Ever Unearthed at the Time.

Diamond Ear Clips by  Rene Boivin.

Actress Irene Dunne Wearing "White on White" Style Diamond
Bracelet - Circa 1935.

1940's: "F" for Fake

American Costume Jewellery - Dates From 1941.
Designed to Turn Heads.

1940 Parure by Haskell and Hess.

Fine Jewellery was hard to tell from Costume Jewellery, Often the Real
and Artificial Gems were Combined in a piece.

Rhinestones Featured heavily in 1940's Jewellery.
The Glam of Hollywood could be recreated cheaply!

1950's: Mid Century Sparkle

A Pearl Resurgence Occurred in the 1950's, due to the appearence
of Fashionistas such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy.
The Seven Strand Pearl Necklace was the Ultimate in Opulence - See
Combined here with Turquoise and Diamond Ring and Earings.

Floral Fantasy Pin with Curved Clip Earings - Circa 1952.

Christian Dior Ensemble with Regal Pearl Necklace - Circa 1956.
Faux Moonstone Emsemble by Mirium Haskell - Not as popular
as couture-inspired opulent pieces.

Shorter Hairstyles of the Era Gave Rise to the Chandelier

1960's: POP Goes the Future

Oversized Chandelier Earings Circa 1967 and A Pair of Vendome
Beaded Earings.

Rhinestones were ALL the Rage, Especially as a Parure!

Countess 'Cis" Zoltowska Designed Headpiece, Necklace nad Bracelets
from 1960.

1965 Twiggy with Yellow Plastic Daisy Earings -
Popularised by Designer Mary Quant.
1960's Enamel Flower Brooches - "Flower Power"!

1970's: The Body, Bold, & Beeutiful

1970's Diamond Jewellery by Bulgari. The Hippy Movement
of the Sixties was Surpassed by a Darker, Decadent Aesthetic.

Pierre Cardin Collar and Pendant - Minimalistic Shapes that stem from
Scandinavian Modernism - Very Dramatic!

1980's: Power and the Glory

Madonna! What can I say? Love the Multitude and Layering
of Bracelets and Necklaces.

BOLD, BRASH and BRASSY was at the Heart of 1980's Jewellery.
1990's to Now: Future Collectables

Diamonds! "White on White"! Gold! Bling!

Designer Theo Fennell: Diamond, Gold and Ruby's!
Saving the BEST until LAST ...

This book also has a section on "Where to Buy" Vintage Jewellery and lists global addresses, website links, and online shops! Additional information on How to Spot Fake Jewellery, and Caring for your peices is also fabulously helpful.

Thank you for joining me on this Vintage Jewellery Journey!

Stay tuned for some VINTAGE GIVEAWAY'S Soon...

Love and Blessings!

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  4. What a lovely collection. The photos takes me back to the good old days and also inspired me to go get some accessories in the saba online shopping fashion store.

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