Saturday, 3 March 2012

"HIGH SCHOOL - "THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY! (inspired by Pip Lincolne from "Meet Me at Mikes")

Thanks to Pip's pursuasion, this blog post is all about the theme of  "HIGH SCHOOL"! "What!" I hear you say? well, it is a part of not feeling embarrassed and "cutting loose" for a project called  WORDS and PICTURES.... go on, check it out...and add your own story!

Here are Pip's Guidelines from her blog "Meet Me at Mikes":
You don't have to write beautifully or perfectly.
You don't have to write a lot.
Also, you don't need to be an amazing photographer.
But rather, just post something about the theme. Words or pictures. Or both. Just have a go. Simple.
Perhaps you might post some distant memories, or a story you made up, or an old photo, maybe tell us something you once read about the theme, write in rhyme, detail a snatch of overheard conversation, you might recount an anecdote... it could be anything really.
Just some words. Or some pictures. Or both.
Like I said, nothing fancy.
Just do it your way.
Just for fun.

by Pip Lincolne goes....

By Penni Moussa
Hmmmmm......High School...where do I start?

Well, It was super fun, most of the time. The parties, the wagging of classes, the friendships...or not, especially if a boy was involved,  the break-up's, the music, and the art, oh...and the detentions from going to fetch my best friend's stuff off the roof that some smart a*@# had thrown out there! It was never ending excitement, and definately NOT boring!

We had a big group of friends, all different, but we raged, played and fought our way through the 80's. We were a talented lot. Some played the cello, some the basoon,  and others preferred the piano, clarinet or violin. Some were more sporty than others and played for the school tennis, netball or hockey squad ( I loved Hockey and coming in from a good game covered in mud!), and others hung out in the art room stressing over their Year 12 Art submissions (this was me too!). There were quiet one's (definately NOT me!), loud ones, bossy ones, intellectual one's, and creative/arty types one's who loved anything left of the middle. My best friend Annie and I, fitted into this latter category. We would work on our Art for hours, whilst listening to the Dead Kennedy's playing in the background, The Sex Pistols, The Police, The Jam, or The Clash. It was our haven, and my own personal form of therapy. I think we resurrected anarchy in our private girl's school...think St. Trinian's!


Definately the FASHION displayed at our school dances!

(that's me in the white dress and puffy sleeves at the front!)

Being pulled aside in Year 8 by Mrs Silver (English teacher) and being told that the photo you showed of a "cow'" to your french teacher  saying "This is a photo of Mrs Silver" to all who would listen, was in fact NOT her!  How was I to know they were freinds? Oh and just for the record, our French teacher was off school for a few days that year too, and we later found out when she returned to school with a black eye, that the lid of her pressure cooker had flown off and had hit her in the head! This was NOT my fault!
I will never forget the day one of my friends turned up drunk to school (immediate suspension - poor kid), and another who was so pissed off that she decided to let the fire extinguisher off in the girls bathroom (you know you wanted to too!)! We were certainly a feisty lot!

I am not quite sure if I even want to share the ugly bits? Mainly because I like focusing on "Happy" things, not "Sad things". But, super ugly stuff did happen. By far the worst, was loosing a friend to Leukemia, having a classmate being hit by a car that didn't stop when she was getting off a tram on her way home from school, friends leaving to go and live O/S, and my own personal battle with Anorexia (Year 11-12). Hideous stuff!!!

But whatever happened during these formative years, one thing is for sure, we were a team, and we got through it together! There is nothing better than friendship - and I am lucky to still have some of these wonderful people in my life today.



  1. Oh WOW. Look at all that STUFF bundled up under the 'High School' tag. It's almost like we live a whole other life before we enter 'the real' world, isn't it. It's kind of exciting and amazing and fabulous and sad and raw all at the same time. Thanks for joining in. It was so great to read about you!

    1. Thanks Pip for popping in to have a read! I know, it seems like soooo long ago, and YES... a "whole other life"! Thank you for a great topic to write about, it was fun to revisit it! xxx

  2. Hee hee so cute and look at you now beautiful lady.Have you been back to any reunions? Our 30th from yr 10 is at end of the year.Woo hoo cant wait.I am sure you have seen my horror high school pic on my blog lol

    PS word verification arggghhhhhhhh wont be there next time will it?lol

  3. Thank you for sharing! Reading your post encouraged me to join in on Words & Pictures as well! And the fashion displayed at your school dances? It's called vintage now isn't it? =p